Using the current technology one can make money online easily and learn other things as well. I mean its an amazing time to exist. I’m glad I exist now and I hope you too. As great as it is, it can destroy you. These days people use social media as a place to get approval and be validated. it’s bad enough and it doesn’t benefit you apart from giving you a false sense of importance. Its time for you to start using social media to make something out of it. We’ve seen people build careers through social media and make money online as well.

With all the benefits of social media, one can easily get wrapped up in the cycle of just posting and being in touch with people. It is a good thing but why not make social media a tool and benefit yourself?

There are many ways to use social media to your advantage and even make money online through it. Here are some of the ways to use social media to your benefit;

Learn new skills.

This may sound boring but if you are someone who is working towards something then taking great photographs with your phone is not the only skill you can acquire online. What craft are you into now? You can use social media, especially youtube to learn new skills and improve on your craft. It can be writing or any skill. Becoming better in your skill and figuring out how to make money through it makes you stand out. Perfect your skill and find ways to make money through it.

Affiliate marketing.

Making money online cant be as easy as doing affiliate marketing for a company on your phone. Decide what you want to sell online and apply for the affiliate marketing post from the company you want to work for. Get approved and you are good to go.

Do surveys.

There are companies out there that pay for surveys Register your details and wait for surveys. Every time a survey comes up they email you and you can get to do it at the comfort of your home. Most surveys have a time limit so it’s advisable to do it as soon as you get the email.

Sell products and services.

This is the most growing area on social media right now. It’s cost-effective, you just need the capital and social media accounts. With a Facebook or Instagram or even Twitter account, you can own an online business and operate in the comfort of your home. How amazing is that? Find a product that you can sell online or even services and boom you have a business. There are ways to promote your products or services online. Facebook or Instagram can run the ads for you at a small fee.


This is vital for anyone. You have to connect with people in your area of interest. LinkedIn has that platform, however, you can do it on any social media app. You get to learn your craft and be informed of the new developments in whatever area you are interested in. You can join groups on Facebook or follow pages. You also get to be alerted of new job opportunities and much more. You can never underestimate the importance of networking.

It takes patience to build up an audience or even followers but its totally worth it in the end. Make every day count by using social media to your benefit. There are scammers online and one should know how to avoid them.

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