Weeks ago I read this book; the subtle art of not giving a fuck. A close friend had recommended it and I was up for it considering I’m the caring type. I was reading it because I thought he, Mark Mason, had a secret formula on how to not give a fuck. I couldn’t wait to put the secret formula in practice.

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It`s a honest book filled with truth and reality checks. well, one being you can not be able to not give a fuck that would be being a psychopath but you choose what you give a fuck about. That hit me hard.

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I would definitely recommend this book to anyone since we all need to be aware of what we care about and just try to figure out what our values are as individuals. I thought I had values but when he explained what good values are and what bad ones, I started considering mine. I just never thought values were that important. They apparently control your life and how you see the world.

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After reading the book I had a whole different perspective about the world, what I let in my life and just how I want to live my life. Simple truths like how extraordinary people work hard to get there they were not born that way. We all are just average. Which I may differ because we have kids out there naming all the governors in Kenya and how many do you know?

As far as the book is concerned, it has truths that everyone needs to read and know about. From taking responsibility to choosing one’s struggle and all that.

It’s an amazing read and knowledge is power.

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