It`s unfortunate that no one is immune to the set beauty standards and expectations in the world. This has resulted in people being more self- conscious about how they look and even how they live their lives. People take offense in being called fat or dark skin to just being compared to someone who is considered morally upright.  It’s honestly time to see it for what it is.  The impossible standards and expectations set that affect us and hinder us from being who we want to be and letting others do so. Let’s get right into it;


The media has normalized the impossible beauty and social standards. We all have fallen victim to this. We forget the media does what it does to earn from it.  Flawless skin, light skin, certain body type, sparkling white teeth and many more. This has affected both men and women, we`ve seen men struggle to have six-pack since it considered sexy. Social media has played a huge role in this as well. Skin bleaching has become normal. Its honestly one`s decision to do whatever they want with their bodies and all this is as a result of the social expectations and media standards. Celebs like Vera Sidika, Bridget Achieng and many more have done bleaching. Why can’t anybody else do it?

Photos are edited to fulfill this illusion of what is considered perfect by other people that we all have in our brains. No one believes you look like those edited photos but it feels good to get approval from the world.

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Here is how it works, create a problem then offer a solution and earn from it. For instance, light skin is considered better, so they offer Caro light and other skin lightening options for dark skins who have fallen for that and they earn from it. We all have to be careful not to fall for such traps.  


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Media personalities can`t afford to be themselves, they just have to behave like some righteous people who deserve to be role models. Once in the limelight, you are automatically considered a role model. You are expected to behave and present yourself in a certain way that’s considered morally upright by society. There is basically no room to be human. We recently saw our girl Betty Kyalo, media personality, rant on the expectations and how the pressure that comes with it.


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Most jobs especially in the hotel industry or just any job that one has to deal with the customers directly, shamelessly put light skin, curvy with a flat tummy as requirements. In what world is this not discrimination. We expect job requirements to be based more on character and what one can offer but here are basing qualifications on one’s physical appearance. Even before you start judging someone for doing whatever they can to fit into the society look at the society and condemn it for it.


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How strong does one have to be to resist the pressure and decide to be themselves? If celebs give birth and two weeks later they have a flat tummy, why can`t I have one? It all comes down to just a person and just how they feel and how they want to be seen by the world. Not everyone has the spine or guts to resist the pressure and to be honest we all have given in to the pressure in some way.  Anyone should be able to do whatever they want with their bodies.


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Some judge basing it on morals. Well, not everyone is raised the same. If society means it when telling people to be who they are and be who they want to be then why should morals be thrown in there? Stealing is morally wrong and bleaching is considered wrong in the bible as well but so are many other things in the world and people still do these things. We have to accept that we all can`t be morally straight and what`s morally wrong for you can be just a normal thing to me. In some cases, we have a choice in deciding what is morally wrong and what`s not.  

Most things are considered wrong because society or someone somewhere decided it`s wrong. While we all advocate for people to be beautiful in all ways and in their unique way, then we must do away with judgments. Focus more on what makes you better. In a world full of noise that is hard to ignore the best we can do is be supportive, filter the noise and just let people be.


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

How can someone be themselves, when all they see and hear is standards and expectations. There is no room to thrive. We`ve all tried to look close to perfect and we lie to ourselves that we are doing it for us. If we can be honest for a second, what other people think plays a major role in a lot of decisions we make. We then later justify it and make ourselves feel better. This is even fueled by the compliments and approvals we get so our brains record what is approved and we try to keep that up.

While it`s hard to just be free and enjoy life in this world we have to be careful with what we let in from the outside and even in judging people. Most of the things people judge others for, have been here before any of us was born and it`s unlikely that we will change that. Most of the time it’s the society to blame.       

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