We all need social media breaks from time to time. The social media usage rate has spiked over the past few weeks. It maybe is the best way to keep you busy but it can also be toxic. We all know, too much of something can be poisonous. During this quarantine time, one has to set healthy boundaries when using social media. This is the best time to take a break and reconnect with yourself. In case you are considering taking a social media break, here is why you should totally do it.

  • Take the social media beak to Reconnect with yourself

As much as social media gives us the best reasons why we use it, at times we tend to lose ourselves. Social media creates the illusion of a safe place. You get all the sympathy and much more that validates you as a person. You’ll probably end up feeling what you feel like is right to fit in the social media community or even doing what will best serve your purpose as one of the social media tribe.

 While all this can be comforting, you are definitely going to lose yourself. Take time off and figure out how you are feeling, your mental health and what values you stand for. To do this you need to be absolute free of distractions and phones and social media definitely make the most noise. Ask yourself how you are doing? What can you do to become better?  

  • Helps one be content with their life
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Social media is where people show their best life. This is driven by the fact that well want to liked and have fans. It`s very easy for one to fall into the trap of comparison. The reality is, not so many people are immune to the comparison. This ultimately leads to being unsatisfied with one’s life. It can be where you are in life to relationships. Taking a social media break gives you time off. To appreciate what, you have and not have things or people to compare to.

  • Boost in productivity

A lot goes undone when scrolling online the wholes day or for the most part of the day. It’s very easy to move from 15 minutes of social media to one hour or even two. All that is time wasted. If it’s not earning your money its time wasted. With a social media break, you`ll have more time in your hand to do productive things. Maybe update your cv, write the cover letter to the dream job you’ve always wanted, and much more. It gives you time to follow your dreams and do what matters the most.

  • Family
Image by Bansi Patel from Pixabay

Social media has brought such a disconnect to families. Sometimes we learn about our family member`s achievements through social media. How many times can you account for your family members? Putting the phones away and having conversations or just spending time together will help grow your family bond stronger.  You`ll be more aware of what is going in their lives and help when needed.

Social media has been the source of so many negatives things from depression, anxiety to even eating disorders. Detoxing from it helps you maintain control in your life. Being in control of your life means you can`t be easily corrupted by what`s on the outside. You get to have your own beliefs and keep in touch with the world.

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