We are all now getting used to staying home. The number of coronavirus patients keeps spiking every day. It looks like we are here to stay for a while. Artists and content creators have already started complaining of running out of content. Wabosha Maxine makes things easy and quite relatable.  I thought I was the only one struggling but she changed that. Meanwhile, khaligraph Jones keeps hitting us with hit after hit. I aspire to be Kaligraph Jones stable in creativity. It’s honestly something that blows my mind. Anyway, if you are like me lemon coffee has become your number one drink.

That aside, we are currently trying to get as much as coronavirus tips as possible and one of them is eating foods that are rich in vitamin C. It helps in boosting one’s immune system. Read about what foods you should eat here.

 Another thing that has changed is what we eat and drink and the complete change in sleeping schedules. For me personally on the drinking part, I`ve been taking lots of lemon tea and lemon coffee. They both have their benefits and I`ll share them with you.

Lemon coffee

Lemon coffee, is just coffee with lemon. The importance of coffee is underestimated in our lives. It’s not just a drink we take when we are about to burn the midnight oil or start the day in crappy jobs. It is important for that but there are many more benefits that no one tells you about;

  • Helps with constipation

Caffeine stimulates the digestive system muscles hence the contact more causing bowel movements.  I’m telling you this from experience, it helps. Coffee dehydrates your body it’s advisable to take lots of water after.

  • Workout

Who knew coffee can be taken before a workout session? I bet you are reading about it here. Coffee enhances your athletic performance. Caffeine is a natural stimulant, and a safe alternative to improve your workouts. High levels of caffeine in your body are known to burn huge amounts of fats during exercise. Blood pressure and the heart rate increases, hence fat stores are broken down and fatty acids are released into the blood stream.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay
  • Belly fat

Belly fat is stubborn like last born kids. Lemon increases body metabolism. Coffee stimulates your muscles. Taking a mixture of every morning before food or any other thing helps burn fat easily. Body metabolism increases, muscles stimulate, and fat stores are broken down. Easy way to burn fats in one’s body especially belly fat.

Lemon tea

I love lemon tea for its taste. I’m the sour taste kind of person, I have no shred of a sweet tooth. I once had lemon ice cream.  That’s beside the point, lemon tea is just black tea with lemon. Now you can add honey or just sugar to your tasting. Here are the benefits of Lemon Tea;

  • Source of vitamin C

Lemon has vitamins and minerals. It’s a rich source of vitamin C, which is needed to boost the immune system.

  • Detoxifier

Lemon tea helps remove toxins from the system. These toxins are known to invite some kind of infections and diseases.

Image by Leon_Ting from Pixabay
  • Helps treat cold and flu

It plays a major role in relieving cold and flu symptoms. to make it better you can add ginger and take it 3 to 4 times a day. It helps with the sore throat as well.

  • Digestive system
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

it helps with the digestion with its toxin eliminating properties and waste products as well. this enables the body to absorb more beneficial substances from the lemon. Its citric acid properties help in digestion and dissolving kidney stones.

  • Psychological benefits

Lemon removes toxins from the system hence energizing your body, refreshes your mind, and gives you mental clarity.

  It’s likely that most of us will end up with a lot of weight gains after Coronavirus and it’s up to you to make sure that doesn’t happen. Keeping the body healthy and taken care of is vital during this pandemic. You take any of the above while helping yourself with Edgar Obares stories and catch up with twitter drama of Bahati, Mulamwa, and much more.

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