Experts say that people using online dating during the corona pandemic are likely to make authentic connections. Dating has changed over time, and every day it becomes less and less appealing. Maybe because the whole dating dynamics have changed. Click here to read about the changing dynamics of dating.

People are stuck at home, hence the willingness to talk more and get to know each other before the face to face date. It’s for that reason that online dating during this corona pandemic is more real than before. While still talking on online dating sites or apps one has to ask the right questions and know if they interested to take the connection further to a more personal communicating platform. One of my favorite online dating tips is not asking for someone’s personal cellphone number immediately after greetings. It just shows you are not on the online dating site for genuine reasons.

Asking questions before an actual meeting is to get a feel of who the person is. Determine if beneath the beauty and handsomeness, is someone you would actually consider dating. Some of the online dating questions to ask before the meeting are;

What they do

It`s an important question because it says a lot about a person. It could tell you if someone is ambitious or not, hardworking and their character in general. Like when one works in the medical field, you can tell this person has empathy. Decide if one`s career is a determining factor in if you can date or not. There people who prefer not dating doctors and much more.


Online dating during this coronavirus pandemic is quite interesting. This is the time to tell if one can be anything without the outside world. what are the things they are doing to keep busy? Who are they without clubbing, eating in restaurants, and hanging out with other people? Do they read, watch movies, cook? What are they doing to keep busy?

What motivates them

Instead of just you are hot. Try to find out what motivated them. Everyone has something that motivates them and keeps them going. Considering that people have a lot of time in their hands, those who are self- aware are taking time to reconnect with their inner self and figure out what drives them and much more.

Values and Beliefs

We all have different values and this is the best time to re-evaluate one’s values. It will be an interesting conversation to have with someone during this quarantine period. It’s great to hear about someone’s values and beliefs and why they have them.


This can be a sensitive topic for some and others might not mind talking about it. Religion in dating is important especially if you are looking for something that can lead to marriage. It’s vital to know if you are one the same or not and gauge if you can handle religious differences or not.

Online dating during this pandemic can be a game-changer for online dating. Hopefully, people will learn to take their time and choose who they think is perfect for them. Another online dating tip is to never give out private details of yourself. Just social media handle and cell number.

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