Toxic relationships are dysfunctional at best. It`s those relationships where one side is hurting and is afraid to call it quits for their own reasons. People hurt and end up with what has happed in Buru Buru Phase 5. There is no reason why you should stay in a toxic relationship. Love yourself enough to walk away from toxic relationships before it`s too late. Be aware of the red flags and much more.

Time to walk away from toxic relationships


He or she is the jealous type. This is considered normal and one can deal with that which leads to you being controlled in what you do and what goes on in your life, your friends, and much more. It’s straight-up manipulative and controlling. The toxic culture of owing things because one loves them has been here for years. You become possessive and entitled to someone. It’s toxic and you need to get out of that toxic relationship ASAP.

One has to have their own lives and because they respect you enough they stick around and won’t do things that will hurt you knowingly. Since it’s impossible to get rid of jealousy, there are ways to show jealousy in a healthy way. One is talking about your insecurities and just asking your partner to act in a way that considers your insecurities. They are in no way obligated to behave how you want them to in order to enable your insecurities. This doesn’t mean, your partner is responsible to help you heal or fix your insecurities. Your fic yourself, your partner can only be supportive.

Passive aggressive habits

Cold war, ghosting, and much more. One partner has these passive-aggressive habits and expects the other to figure out what is wrong or what they did wrong. It’s justified by one not being able to express their emotions hence the passive-aggressive behavior.

First, if you are not able to express feelings and raise concerns in a healthy way, don’t date anyway. Instead of behaving like someone who is capable of being in a relationship and communicating, you opt to do petty things to piss off your partner. You shouldn’t be dating anyone if you are incapable of communicating effectively. You should be able to state your needs, raise concerns, and not drop hints. This way your partner will be able to be supportive and find ways to resolve conflicts in a relationship.  

A healthy relationship should comprise of two people who can communicate effectively and can express emotions and feeling as well.

Holding the relationship hostage

Threatening to quit if the person doesn’t do or behave in a certain way is a recipe for a toxic relationship. For instance, someone isn’t able to respond to texts as soon as you expect them to. You resort to a threat, I can`t date someone who doesn’t respond to texts on time instead of why do you take so much time to respond to a text? Communicate in a way that raises a concern and gives room for an explanation or creates room for change.

Holding the relationship hostage is emotional blackmail, which results in tons of unnecessary drama within the relationship.

Blame game

Blaming your partner for your crappy emotions or other things that may be going wrong in your relationship. You are responsible for your emotions and how things turn out in your day or life. If you are feeling crappy, take time off and figure how how to handle your emotions instead of expecting your partner to sacrifice things in their life to make you feel better. That’s poor personal boundaries. When you start depending on each other to fix every emotion or anything that goes wrong in one’s relationship it leads to co-dependence. Which leads to everything even going out with friends being negotiated. That will be the beginning of a toxic relationship.

Its unhealthy and one has to be a complete human before dating in the sense that you can handle yourself before dating.

Toxic relationships have adverse effects on one’s mental health and they can be very draining.

Toxic relationships are draining and are of no use to anyone. They don’t build you or help you in any way. They hold you back and lead damaged individuals who don’t know how to live after the relationship. Get out of a toxic relationship and help yourself become whole again before you start dating again. As soon as you see the red flags quit. Learn more about relationships here.

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