Personal development is things that improve self- awareness, character, skills, and generally anything that contributes to being the better you. Personal growth is important in anyone`s life. Those who are on the journey of personal growth are likely to make in life than those who don’t. it’s a lifelong process but worth every effort you put in it.

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During the quarantine period, its the best time to take a social media break and reflect on one’s life and start this journey. Here is why you should embark on this personal development journey;  

Boundaries and peace

Personal development includes you protecting your space and peace. When you are aware of yourself and what disturbs your peace you set boundaries that protect that peace. Nothing protects peace like boundaries. Regular self -awareness practices generate feelings on content and tranquility. Comparison leads to not having peace, the mind constantly races; personal development practices generate peace at all times.

Better health

Less stress equals to better health and vice versa. Learning how to manage stress and challenges encountered on a daily basis, leads to fewer or no lifestyle related diseases.

Personal growth skills help one to understand themselves and the world around them. This is the best skill one can have to deal with what life throws at you. Note that understanding yourself and the world around you is the best way to having the knowledge on how to deal with life and people in general.


When you have low-quality relationships, your life is likely to be of low quality as well. This is not just on romantics relations, it applies to family, children, coworkers, and the relationship you have with yourself. These are the main vital relationships in everyone’s life, they are unavoidable.

Building healthy relationships is not easy especially if you are dealing with people who are not self-aware. In such a case even reinforcing your boundaries becomes a problem. Building good and healthy relationships are part of any personal development plan. People who are self-aware are likely to build healthy relationships.

General success in life

Success largely depends on who you are as a person. Knowing who you are and what areas you need to work on, largely contributes to one’s success. Things like procrastinating, which are driven by deeper emotions won’t be such a big problem.

Engaging in personal development means making a habit of digging deeper into such issues. This means dealing with the root of the problem and doing better which leads to better productivity. Self-awareness helps one develop healthy habits and be disciplined. Discipline and healthy habits equal to achieving most if not all of your dreams.


Assuming you had enough self-control in your life, how many things could have gone right in your life?

Self-control is the ability to control and regulate one’s emotions, behavior, thoughts in order to reach certain goals in life. Setting goals is easy, working towards them is the difficult part. The journey towards your goals can be draining and is full of temptations, habits, and beliefs that are likely to undermine your growth.

Engaging in personal growth on a regular basis, it brings up such habits and beliefs to light. Self-growth means dealing with such issues and developing resilience muscles and tackling the problem head-on.  

Self-development is a life-changing process. It gives you more control over your life than you’ve ever had. It’s totally worth it and it plays a huge role in one’s success. Personal development takes place in 5 stages and one has to take it step by step.

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