Personal development steps can be tricky when done wrong. When it comes to personal development it’s more of planning and less of living blindly and hoping that God or a plan is set for you already. Well, that might be the case depending on what you believe in but it all goes down to planning and much. Self-development has numerous benefits that I would imagine you are definitely interested in. If at all you have dreams and want to live your best authentic self, then you have to indulge in self-development step by step.

personal development steps

Make a list

What areas in your life need to be worked on? I am a big fan of writing things down and figuring out what I think is the cause of the problem. I also determine what needs more attention and the urgency involved in each of the. Some of the things some can list in self- development plans are; Finances, Mental health, Career, Future plans, Relationships, and much more.

One self -development item at a time

Doing everything at once is confusing and one is likely to have very poor results. Start with one item at a time. Accomplish one mission at a time.  This will motivate you and you are able to direct your available resources in one place at a time.

Gather information about the area of improvement and ways to do so. When it comes to personal-development reading, in theory, is easier than actually implementing whatever you have learned. Be different and implement what you learn.

Get a mentor or self- development training

There are so many people out there who you look up to and have already gone through and got where you want to be. Both online and in real life.  Social media has made it easy. One of the things that are for sure, people indulging in self-development don’t fake much online. One of the best people I personally look up to is Sharon Mundia, YouTuber and founder of This is ess blog. Watch and learn.

If you can afford it, there are life coaches that train people on self-development, go for it. You can also read self- development books.

Get a bestie/ mentor

One thing for sure, it’s not going to be easy and you’ll feel way too lonely if you don’t talk to someone through your personal development journey. If you don’t have likeminded people in real life, then you should look for such people online as well. Follow me on Instagram and let’s get this started.

Honestly having someone to talk to about my self-development journey has been the best idea ever and made it easier. It’s nice to hear a neutral voice fill you with ideas and different perspectives on different things. It’s so refreshing, and such conversations are always illuminating.

Set goals is the last personal development step

I am a big fan of goals. Write them down, there is no shame in that and go get them. Ask yourself what you want to achieve. Setting goals does something to your actions they become calculated and intentional. When setting goals to be specific and give yourself an ultimatum. Say, lose 5kgs in 30 days.

When setting goals, always try to figure out why and what growth are you getting from achieving them. What value do they add to you as a person who is thriving to be better?

After doing all that, you now begin on your self- development journey, eyes on the price. This journey requires you to do something and not give up. I assure you self- development is worth every tear and every struggle. Talking from experience. These personal development steps are easy to follow.

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