A wise man will be master of his own mind, a fool be its slave – Publilius Syrus

That is a popular saying among the smart people and the most successful ones in the world but it’s determined by what you feed your mind. It’s easy to say, but mastering one’s mind is no joke.

Photo by Natasha Connell on Unsplash

Two weeks ago during this quarantine, I decided to make some changes in how I spend my days at home. And among the things I wanted to get rid of is too much social media and television. Not that there is much to watch anyway, its juts distractions that I was getting too accustomed to and I knew I was in danger. Among things to do during quarantine is reading. I set my mind to a month of reading and being more in the real world. To be honest, I had no clear plan and I remember thinking to myself, I can’t wait to see what the month has in store for me.

Week two, I started to see what exactly is that I wanted. The more self- development books I read, the more it became clear that I am my own enemy. By that, I mean I feed my mind negativity too much that now it just gives negative responses.

One of the things that I noticed were;

Feeding your mind Self- loath

Over the years, since I become aware of myself, I self-loath. I give myself all the reasons why I can’t do certain things and why it’s better to be where I am. The level of inadequacy that I thought I had, was annoying. I got mad at myself for a second. That doesn’t solve anything. Most people self- loath and it’s the reason why so many are held back in life.

To change this and believe in one’s self, you must feed your mind why you CAN do things. Why you can speak up in meetings, why you are worthy of love and much more. Those things you think you are not worth, think of why you are worthy of them, why you should do certain things, or engage in certain things as well.

It all goes down to what you feed your mind. What you feed it, determines your attitude. Once you say, you don’t like someone, your brain gives you all the reasons why you don’t. Be aware of what you are thinking and how you respond to your thoughts and the actions you take after.

We are all a result of what`s around us and what happened to us or let’s say the past. We copy others, and we conform to social expectations and those of other people. All this feeds our minds even when we don’t notice. Think of why you do certain things and how you got there. You’ll realize someone or something had some influence on you. The poison one feeds its mind, its slow but tragic and has severe effects in the long term.

To make master one’s brain, one must be aware of what they feed it. Brains are inefficient machines and over time we correct and try to steer them in a certain way, the way that we like. It all starts with feeding it with positive things.

In David J Schwartz book, the magic of thinking big, he says there is a positive side to everything, find it.

You can’t find it, if;

You feed off sympathy or like sympathy

Don’t want to change

Feed your mind negative things.

Learn to be cautious of what you feed your mind, it affects you largely. I would actually say it determines 80% of your life if not 100%.

You feed your minds mainly through these;

The conversations you have with people

The books you read

The movies or content you watch

The people and friends around you

There are some things like family and what people talk about or their perspectives that we can’t change. It doesn’t mean you avoid them, listen and don’t be convinced of the negative things they say. I believe everyone has a good thing about them, find it.

Feed your mind positive and constructive things. Things that build you to be a better person and do better. It determines your attitude and your attitude determines the outcomes in your life.

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