Self- awareness is having knowledge of one’s character, feelings, and desires. Sometimes back I used to wonder if people who are not self -aware are happier. They would live how they are expected to and not bother to find more. Are they happier or ignorant? I`ve also questioned my happiness and wished I wasn’t so self- aware but with time I started understanding why self -awareness is important.

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

Self – awareness helps one grow and even when you do, it’s because of self-awareness that you do so. Self-awareness makes personal development easier. If one is not self- aware their life is controlled by factors on the outside. They live by the social expectations, other people’s expectations, and generally become dependent on these factors. They feel what`s right, do what is expected. Their lives revolve around that.

Lack of self-awareness empowers other to control you

This is one of the biggest issues with a lack of self- awareness. It has long term effects that are catastrophic to one`s personality and life in general. If we don’t develop self- awareness we empower other people to shape or decide for us. We end up living by what has been decided by society, family, associates, partners, and other things. We become slaves to other people`s ideas of how we should live life. We act based on other things but not who we are and what we want. In so many ways we empower these forces on a daily basis. We get used to them that we can`t think or do anything without their guidance. We become dependent on them. This may have adverse effects on one’s mental health.

The supposed to becomes our value and principal. There is nothing like supposed to. It’s a word that I refuse to incorporate in my life. We are all unique and have different life purposes. If that’s the case, why should anyone live by I’m supposed to do this and that?

Ever seen someone have a bad day because their favorite person wasn’t talking to them?

This empowering of outside forces comes in so many ways. One being so dependent on our partners, that when they showing passive-aggressive habits it changes our moods and generally controls the whole day.  Some empower their friends and family, way too much that without their approval they won’t do certain things or feel like they haven’t done their best. All this creates robots within us. We may not know it but other people who are self -aware can see it.

Live your life is just but a sentence if you live by external forces. If that’s the case, one behaves to be living their best while deep inside they are bitter, crushed and in need of attention and validation. This is not the way to live.

Self- awareness gets you in touch with your core, you understand you and live by your own rules and values. Your life is now directed by what you want and need. People who are self-aware have high chances of success than those who don’t. Definitely, you have to work for whatever kind of success you want but being self-aware is like having a compass to direct you and help you stay on your path.

To answer my own question on if people who are not self-aware are happier, no they aren’t.  They are robots and products of other people`s opinions.

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