Personal development is vital, and we as the youth need it. Everyone has immense power in them, the personal will to be better and achieve our dreams. Engaging in personal development exercises will help a lot in that and I intend to help you tap into that power within you. While there many issues affecting the youth, we are capable of achieving anything by just taking the initiative to do something about it. To choose to live a proactive life and leave behind a reactive life.

Among the issues affecting the youth are; mental health, unemployment, pressure from society, lack of personal will. We are comfortable with complaining and doing nothing about anything. To be realistic, we can’t do much if we don’t handle ourselves first and get our issues in order.

Image by Marta Kulesza from Pixabay– personal development

Recently, I read a book by Stephen R Corey, 7 habits of highly effective people. And in his book, he changed how I read books, one by asking his reader to read the book as if you will talk to someone about it and secondly talking about it or the exercises in the book with others. Me, being the person I am, I read that part ad ran with it.

I was eager to tell my friends about the exercises, not because the author asked but because I always do that and this time someone encouraged me and of course I want to grow with my friends.  

There is this particular exercise in the book that involves figuring out what exactly you want to achieve in life. What you can change and what you can`t. The whole idea is to finally come up with values and principles. All this would be possible with visualizing the end of something or the goal and figuring a way to get there.

He recommended to try and imagine yourself dead and what the people around you will say about you and thinking if that what you would want them to say.

Secondly, imagine dyeing on a certain day, let’s say three months from now, what would you do different that you are not doing now?

The personal development exercises are meant to tap into what you really want to do and get you to do it, to make you realize that you are unique and find your mission or purpose in life. In doing that you get to write a personal mission statement. This is very possible if we have developed self-awareness and take back our power to do things or take the initiative to change things.

I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor- David Thorea

Having the will to do something is great, but you need principles and values.

Here is the exercise;

Write down your roles, I will write mine down,

Individual, Blogger, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Citizen or Kenyan youth,Relative

In these roles you have to mirror yourself and see what you want to be.

I will write down two of my personal missions so that you can see how roles and personal mission mix.

Role to myself;

I will love myself and do what I need to do to stay healthy and achieve independence. I will engage in personal development habits and avoid engaging in addictive behaviors. I will work to achieve financial freedom, (and my money will be my servant not my master) mentally, emotionally, and physically independent. I will use my money to help others and make sacrifices when need be and avoid unnecessary debts. I will be my biggest fan and be patient with myself over time. I choose to take initiative and change what I can, take opportunities, and work hard. I choose to be a positive minded person, happy and willing to help others. I will work hard and smart in my career as a blogger and writer to eventually achieve my dreams. I choose to put the everyday effort into achieving these dreams.  I will take responsibility for my actions because I am what I am today because of the choices I made yesterday. I will subordinate my feelings to my values at all times.

Goal; To achieve my dreams and be the best person I can be and ultimately achieve freedom to be independent.

Role as a friend

I will love my friends, be supportive, and encourage them in every way that I can. I will not judge them rather I chose to be understanding in every way possible. I will help where I can and be their support pillar if they let me. I will help them grow and bring the best out of them in every way. I will make sacrifices for them if need be. I will never play the blame game; I will take responsibility for my actions towards them. I will take the initiative to keep InTouch with them; initiate conversations, call, and even invite them to places whenever I can. I will not take offense if they don’t reciprocate because they matter to me even though I don’t matter to them.

Goal; I want my friends to feel loved, understood, supported and cherished in very way.

Eventually you can combine all the roles into one, because one’s goals are usually in line with their intentions. For instance; everyone in my life I want them to feel appreciated and in that case I can just say, I will do things and say things to people around me to make them feel appreciated in general.

Once you come up with a personal mission and work towards that, everything else falls in place.

Note; I will post weekly exercises that will help in personal development and in achieving one’s dreams. Personal development takes time and it’s a lifetime thing. The exercises I post, are the ones that I have participated in and I’m positive they will be of much help to you. Follow me on Instagram friend and let me know the experience you have with this exercise and the many more to come.

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