Time management is a follow up of the last weeks of personal development exercise. Last week we had an exercise to help you determine your roles and what are the end results you want to achieve and work towards achieving that. This week lets focus on time management. Time is money, that’s what they say.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay, Time management

Most busy people have schedules and generally, we assume only busy people need schedules. It’s not like that, from my personal experience everyone needs a schedule. I have been keeping one for myself during this pandemic and I was surprised by how time flies, how I had been misusing my time, and much more.

With that being said, time schedules can only be effective if one has goals. Time management becomes important and you`ll feel the need to have a schedule. Let’s talk about goals for a sec. Goals can either be long term or short term.

In short term goals are things you achieve over a short period of time while long term goals are things you aim to achieve over a period of time. Before we know how to schedules help one in time management, we need to know how to prioritize our goals and plan them. Everything you do, you have an end game for it.

Through, the roles and the results lie your goals. Plan what is short term and long term. What is urgent and what is not. List them down and then come up with steps you need to take to achieve them. Before you plan anything, always think of the end result. Start with the end in mind.

Those steps are the things you do on a daily basis. As they say, your future lies in what you do every day. Everything you do should contribute to the long term goal or short term.

In time management, you need to see a week as a whole unit of time and set goals for the week. For example, my goals this week are;

Write 4000+ words for my e-book.

Blog twice a week.

Read three books (one personal development book)

3 face care routine

General house cleaning

Wash my hair

Yoga daily


All these contribute to my long term goals, to have healthy skin, be flexible, work towards my e-book which in turn helps with my writing career. Blog twice a week, helps my long term goal to be a full-time blogger and help my fellow youth on personal development. 

Now let’s break down these into to do activities of everyday.

30-minute yoga daily

Wash my hair on Wednesday

Blog on Monday and Friday

Write every day for 2 hours, and much more.

Break down everyday activities to contribute to your goals. If the things you do on a daily basis don’t contribute to your goals, then do something about it. On your schedule, you decide when exactly to do certain things. The whole idea is to help you stay focused and do better on the time management part of your life.

Your to-do list is meant to keep you on track but it should be flexible to allow you to deal with emergencies or other things that are important to you. Which is determined but your values and principles.

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