Daily activities consist of our routines. Many times as we grow we don’t put much thought on our daily activities. Turns out, anyone`s future lies in what we do on a daily basis. Months ago, and this may sound stupid, if you told me this, I would hear you but assume it`s just part of the advice` s and useless ones that youth encounter daily. Today, I take more seriousness in that. Let me explain it to you;

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Daily activities dynamics


We all have dreams and would love to achieve them, I know I do. The problem is how we plan to achieve them. What methods and much more. In last week`s exercise on writing down personal missions, they actualize in our mind by starting to think about the end. What achievement you want then start working towards that. We are so deep in surviving and waiting for the big break where we will become rich or make in in future. We base our thoughts on luck and blame how luck isn’t on our side.

Until recently, my mentality was around that. I hoped that one day, I’ll write an article that will blow up and build my blogging career. While that might happen, I can’t live based on action-less hope. Hope without actions is dead. You have to do something to the best of your ability then now hope that it works out.

This all lies in daily activities. Everything you do on a daily basis should have some contributions to your long term goals. Achievements are the sum of daily activities and little efforts that sum up to success. That’s the meaning of your future lies in your daily activities.


Values guide you in how you carry out certain things in your life. Most people don’t know their values simply because they operate on how what`s expected of them. It’s not easy separating yourself and building you on what you believe in. Most people depend on public opinions to validate their lifestyles to make them feel a little better about themselves.

An example of this is how people validate how they behave. The usual; complaining, blaming, and much more. Someone would keep on explaining why they don’t do certain things like reading.

I don’t like books. Once I was done with school, I was glad I never have to read in my life. I would rather watch a movie than read. Movies are fun – you’ll hear them saying. And many more reason why they can’t engage in a little reading for their own benefit of developing their brains.

They will justify why they don’t so certain things. This is validated by people who surround them because they agree and feel validated as well. Such people will always find a way to shame someone who reads either by calling them bookworms or call them names like a professor in a sarcastic way. All in the effort to hide their insecurity and justify why they don’t want to do better for themselves. They end up living by belonging to the majority who just survive. To be honest, living that way is easy compared to finding yourself and living by your won values expectations that you create for yourself.

The problem is living by just surviving isn’t living. It`s just existing, without purpose or goals. Being a believer of everyone has a purpose in life and we live to find it. By finding it, we give our lives meaning.

Values lie in how we conduct ourselves, how we talk, our opinions, and how we respond and interact with other people. We apply them in our daily activities, they help in achievements and how to get there. They act as a compass to where we want to go. You can determine your values by doing last week`s exercise.

All this lies in daily activities.


Take thirty minutes and examine what your dreams are and if your daily activities contribute to your goals or not. Examine how you can change or do better and write it down. Commit to doing that. 

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