Personal management is outlining one’s goals and working towards those, it’s vital.  We all want to grow and in order to do that, we need to excel in personal management. A lot of times, one is told to have a positive attitude and be nice to people and all these fixes you get to do on the outside to fit better in life.

Well, if one doesn’t excel in personal management and have their goals in place and work towards that, then you won`t fit in the world either. One will always have someone or something to blame. Either genetics, environment, or one`s upbringing.  While all these can be reasons why you are not excelling in personal management, you are giving in to just surviving through life.

Personal management and goals

Here is the fact, if you can`t have the discipline or excel in personal management, you won`t excel in life either. And if you do, there will always be an empty feeling within you. No one can be your biggest enemy like yourself. In personal management, you get to outline one`s goals and working towards that.

It will involve discipline that you`ll have to develop. To be loyal to your values, principles, and goals. Having that discipline muscle will help you manage yourself better and work towards your goals. Without personal management, dreams are just dreams. In these goals you set for one`s self, they must include financial, education, careers, and time management.


If there is one thing that motivates me is self -sufficiency. We all want to get there and not feel like a burden. To achieve self -sufficiency one has to be proactive in their lives. Take action or take the ball and run with it. All this is possible if one has goals in place and practices personal management to achieve them.

Don’t get me wrong, no one can survive alone, we need each other to survive in life. Not 100% but we do. Considering that, self- sufficiency can only be achieved by working on the things you can do something about. Working on one`s circle of influence. Which brings us today to our weekly exercise.

Circle of influence  

The circle of concern is things you can work on or do something about them. Things like one`s fitness and goals in life. Figuring out one`s circle on influence will be the first step to personal management and growth.  

Write down the things that aren’t right in your life. Might be finances, relationships with certain people in your life, body goals, and anything that raises concern to you. Even the ones you think are non- significant.

In all of these, narrow them down to the ones you can do something about. Like body goals, start exercising. The ones you’ve narrowed down are your circle of concern. Figure out how you`ll start working towards fixing each one of them. And do it. It’s all you need to develop your discipline muscle and grow.

If you missed last week`s exercise, here it is.

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