Creativity is one of the things that humans have in abundance. I believe once one tap`s into that, you are untouchable. A lot of people live all their lives without even tapping the slightest potential they hold within them. They worked hard and struggled all through. That shouldn’t be the case for you or anyone else. As humans, we have creativity and potential within us. Once we start tapping into that, there isn’t anything we can’t achieve into this world. You`ll experience growth in ways you`ve never.

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Having said that, this week’s exercise, we will focus on tapping the creative side of our brains. It’s called achieving wordlessness.

In her book, finding your way in a wild new world, Martha Beck, dropping into wordlessness will open a whole new world that will be something you’ve never experienced before. You’ll unlock the creativity that you never knew existed. You’ll begin to make choices according to your own perceptions rather than whatever people will be telling you.

It’s through Wordlessness that you’ll find your way through a terrible loss, fulfilling career, a complicated relationship, broken heart, and much more. You get to tap the healing power of the body and much.

In her book, she gives several ways to drop into wordlessness but here is one that is the easiest and also my personal favorite (which happens to be her favorite as well);

-Take a few deep breaths, full breaths

-Exhale completely and pause before inhaling

-In the space, before you need to breathe in again, focus your attention on your heart until you can feel it beating. This may take up to a minute.

-Take another breath and exhale. Along with your heartbeat, find the sensation of your pulse mocking through your hands, feet, scalp, entire body.

-Stay focused on feeling your entire circulatory system as it channels your lifeblood to your head and extremities. See if you can feel it moving through your organs as well.

-Perform some simple tasks- walking, washing the dishes- all this while continuing to feel your heartbeat and overall pulse. You’ll find the activity becomes strangely blissful.

Practice every day or several times a day and you’ll notice how your life will change drastically for the better. Again let, I know how it went and follow me on Instagram for more.

Ps; read Martha Beck`s book.

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