Goals are important. The feeling of achieving something is unmatched. With every goal one achieves comes growth. And with growth, comes going places and living your best life. When it comes to goals, people think one has to think big. Even reading a whole book in a week is a goal. Simple goals contribute to the bigger goal or a dream you want to achieve. This addresses the power that lies in what you do every day because it determines your future. Some of the simple goals you should practice this week are;

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I cannot stress enough the importance of reading.  It grows your mind. And watching movies and listing to music doesn’t match the value that comes with reading books. As this week starts, make it a goal to start reading books. You can decide to read ten pages a day until you eventually finish the book. Every day add more pages. This will help you grow into the habit of reading.


Think of a week as a unit of time. Every Sunday or any other day you use as a resting day, take it to think about the goals you’ve achieved weekly. Think of how you can do better the following week and plan for the next week. That way you’ll improve and work smart the following week.


If you are a yoga lover like me then hello there. You have to develop a way to keep your body fit. Build strength in your body. Eat healthy, treat yourself and be nice to yourself. Every week come up with ways to be nice to yourself. Set the goal and achieve it.


Everything happens on social media these days, but if it doesn’t help you grow then you are doing it wrong. Find ways you can grow through social media. What do you want to achieve on social media? I know I want to reach a larger audience to we can grow together. Help as many people as possible and hopefully become a full-time blogger. What is yours?

When it comes to watching television, set a certain amount of time per week and spread it all through the week. You can decide to award yourself after achieving certain things by watching more. Minimize the time you spend watching.

The whole idea of goals is to hold yourself accountable and push yourself to do better. Be the best version of yourself and live your best life. That’s it for this week’s exercise; follow me on Instagram for more.

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