Influence is a powerful tool. Whether we admit it or not, every day we are influenced by people around us, television, and our peers. Personally I’ve been influenced, a lot and I never thought of it as a big deal. But come to think of it, it’s a powerful way of even controlling someone. Look at politics, it’s all about influence, candidates chose a party that has more influence. Voting is an individual thing but a lot of influence has been used to sway your decision.

Influence is a sensitive topic

This is a sensitive topic because people have to feel that they actually understand what they are going through before convincing them to do something. Even in relationships, some partners start doing certain things because they have been influenced. They want to admit because influence is a bad word for most people. It’s almost like being called a sheep or follower. People want to be seen as original and authentic. You buy certain things or clothes, not because you genuinely love them but because you saw someone in them and liked them.

During this age of the millennials, where a lot of things and cultures are being redefined it’s important to be aware of the influence around you and who influences you.


This week’s exercise is to determine who influences you and if they are worth it.

Write down the people who have direct influence in your life.

Figure out how and why they influence you.

Determine if they deserve that privilege of having that power over you.

Ask yourself if their influence has helped you grow in anyway way,

If not, it’s time to cut their influence supply to you off.

The whole point of this exercise is to be able to make decisions for you. To actually sit down and think if something is good enough for you. While in that process, you determine what you actually believe in and if you should change the people influencing you.  

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