So I’m a loner, people close to me know that. For some reason, I managed to make good friends in college. I remember the first day when I met her and we talked for a minute and decided to go get some fresh juice downstairs. Well, that marked the beginning of a great friendship that I hold dear to my heart.  

At our graduation in 2019

Fast forward we were going home one day, the usual after classes in the evening. I was wearing sandals but fancy. (just trying to sound stylish here, spare me). They were blue I think; I don’t remember the color. As we were walking, my scandal broke. (yes you can say broken sandal or correct me if you know better, I want to learn anyway).  We were in town for Christ’s sake. What am I supposed to do? Well, I tried to walk with it but I couldn’t so I was going wear one sandal on my way home. To make it worse I had things to buy at the supermarket in town.   

Eating has always been part of our plan when hanging out.

I was so embarrassed and Rosette must have noticed. She offered to remove one shoe and walk while wearing one shoe only in solidarity. Even as I’m writing this, I’m smiling at the memory of it. Of course, I tried to be modest and disagree, as stubborn as she is, she had already taken off one shoe already.

Got my confidence back and we shopped with each one of us wearing one shoe. People were staring probably wondering if we had forgot to take our medication that day.  But we didn’t care.

she sings so well, couldnt miss it for the world.

Looking back at such a simple moment, my heart glows with warmth and gratitude. What she didn’t know is I had anxiety. If I was alone, I would have rushed home very fast.  Got in the first matatu I could find and head home, embarrassed to the core. Because of her, my anxiety was at bay that day.

Its such little moments that build you or define you. Those moments that we don’t even notice mean a lot. For me its such things that I use to determine if we can be good friends or not. The fact that one sacrificed their comfort zone for me means the world to me. If I was with someone else they would probably laugh at me, and watch me walk around with one shoe. But, hey I have the most amazing friends.

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