Over the past few weeks, I took it upon myself to share with you, personal development exercises that helped me and I hoped they helped you as well. Recently I’ve been reading a lot and I love it, I’m not complaining. With reading comes growth. One of the things that have really blown my mind is the fact that we as humans have the freedom to choose.

Be happy.

Freedom to choose

We have the freedom to choose in so many ways. Its shown by our actions.  Once we start living for our true selves, then choosing becomes easy. Its shown in our everyday choices. Some choose to complain rather than educate themselves and do better. Over the past few months, I’ve had drastic changes in my life, in the sense that now I’m more cautious of my actions and my freedom to choose.  You chose your friends, you choose to do what you do on a daily basis and much.

The future lies in what you do every day. I’ve said that so many times before. You have the power and freedom to choose. Embrace that and start making decisions that work for you. Engage in things that make you grow. You’ll notice a considerable change in a week or even day after day. Take time off every day to reflect on your day, your choices and how you chose to view them.

Tip; Judge your day by the seeds you sow for the future.

Fixed mentality

For the longest time, I’ve always said I’m an introvert or a loner. So many of my actions reflect that. People have affirmed that and so I never thought of living differently. I was comfortable living the way I did. I shut people out, I put no effort into getting to know people or even zero investments in my friendships. It gave me an excuse to bail on people and just say there were too many people there, I can’t handle that, I’m an introvert. I wish I could go back in time and slap the hell out of me whenever I gave such an excuse. But I can’t. I have a fixed mentality all through. I didn’t want to look at my life differently. In my mind, I was justified to live that way.

We all suffer from this in one way or the other. Notice how people are quick to justify their actions by claiming that how they are and they can’t change. Even yourself, notice how you justify your personality in general. We are taught that personality is something you are born with and they even go to an extend and say you probably picked it from you parent or even a distant cousin. And you take that and run with it, without thinking twice. That’s not true, you can build your own personality by taking your freedom to choose seriously and without apology.

A fixed mentality is seen in so many ways. But the truth is one chooses to be the way they are. One chooses to be insensitive to others, one chooses to be reactive rather than proactive in their lives. Everything is something you chose. Not your family though.

Within you lies the power to change and do better. The power to re-shape your personality how you want to. To be whoever you want to be. You just have to recognize you have the freedom to choose and change your fixed mentality. Have a growth mentality.  Embrace change, run towards it any chance you get, that’s how you’ll beat that fixed mentality.

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