Blogging has been a wild ride, it’s a learning curve for me. I’ve had days when I’ve questioned this journey and days where I’ve appreciated it. There are days when blogging has kept me from going insane. Thanks for the support from a few of my friends.

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Here is the thing with journeys and friendships, people are your biggest supporters verbally. They support you and hype you with words. It’s convenient for them. And you being on the journey that you’ve chosen, you believe them because you need the support and in so many ways we all need others despite whatever journey we are on.

That doesn’t last long, does it? At some point you will need real support that will require a little bit of sacrifice from others. That’s when you’ll realize you are alone in your battle. They bail even without an explanation. They are free to bail because they don’t owe you anything but why say you are someone’s friend if you are going to bail when they need you?

Sacrifices, support, and encouragement are part of the friendship/ relationship package. So if you can’t support me when you are needed to sacrifice something for me to grow, then please delete my number because I’m deleting yours. Clearly, we are wasting each other’s time. We are not adding any value to each other’s lives.  

When it comes to relations with other people, one has to be sure who is willing to go an extra mile for them apart from the usual I support you that is verbal.

I’ve had people bail on me when all I asked for was a few 15 minutes of their time. Or for them to bend a little just for me to progress. That raises the question, how much dead weight are you carrying? How many people in your circle will bail the moment you ask for a little sacrifice from them?

I am grateful for those who have been there. If we all supported each other no matter what, so many of us, even those who bail, would have made a huge step in their lives. Anyway, when they bail take note and move on. There is always another way and you’ll find it.

One thing I’ve learnt for sure in this blogging journey is you can do it. People will bail, but you can do it. The ones bailing are not for you, so move on and meet those who are for you. You have so much potential and you can do it. But since we all need a support system, build a circle you can count on and invest in them as much as they will invest in you.  

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