So much is happening now and it almost feels like a lot is happing at a snail pace. There are no jobs whatsoever, and all plans had to be re-planed again. Not once but over and over and over. When it comes to finances, man it’s a struggle. When you can’t get what you want or be who you want; feelings of inadequacy creep in. I’ve had those feelings for a while now and recently I was talking to a friend about them. Sometimes, they affect you deeply they could even lead to depression or mental health-related issues.

Rise and shine.

For me, here is what I do and I hope this helps you too.


This is habit for me. I journal every morning. Before I fully commit to my day. I write in my little book, that I hope no one finds, about how I feel, what I should do and much more. Its therapeutic. I feel like I should do a blog post on journaling and its benefits. Let me know what you think in the comment section.

House chores

I won’t lie to you; they are not my favorite but they come in handy. When feeling stuck and as if nothing happening for you. worse, you don’t know where to begin, either in fixing something, I start with house chores. I’ve been there, feeling stuck and just struggling with everything, I do house chores and let the rest fall in place. After house chores you’ll be in the mood to do other things so now you can come up with ways to do whatever you wanted to do.   

Remind myself I’m doing fine

You have to be your own biggest fan. There is no shortcut to this. Remind yourself even when you think nothing is happening for you, something is happening. God has your back. Sometimes I want evidence of my growth and much more, but then there is none. I don’t feel like I’m stepping up my game, my blog isn’t getting as much traffic as I want and I want that big break, but it’s not there yet. It’s frustrating. So I battle with inadequacy. But every time I have to remind myself that I’m on a journey and every single step matters. For that reason, I should keep doing what I do.

Talk to close people

You have to have a circle of friends that you can talk to and be honest with. If you don’t; hit me up. its free so don’t worry. But as you grow you need to build a circle of friends that you need.  You need people, do away with the illusion that you can handle it yourself. Even when you think no one can get it, there is one person who will. Find that person. I didn’t say, get in a relationship, just find a friend who gets it. I personally end up calling my mom and as long as she still believes in me, I’m psyched to keep doing what I do. God bless that woman.

Let me know how you deal with feelings of inadequacy and follow me on Instagram and Facebook; like my page. Do me a solid and share this article. A lot of people are struggling with feelings of inadequacy during this time.  Let’s grow together.

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