Time to power up your week. What better way to do it than the things you consume? We are what we eat; we assume this but it’s true. I’ve talked about changes I’ve made and when it comes to health and that glowing skin, it all goes down to what we eat.

So I cut off sugar. I honestly I’m not such a sugar person but I would take sugar now and then but now we are done and I’m moving on. Three days into this breakup; I was craving sugar so bad that all I could think about was sugary stuff. It’s like that toxic relationship you just can’t let go. But a solder has to solder on so I didn’t give in. Two weeks later; I feel amazing. I’m not so lazy when I wake up I feel great and ready to start the day.

Here is what keeps me going; the thought that I’m doing this for the long term health of my body. I’m doing it for the body I want. That’s enough for me.

Something that has also happened is; I’ve lost weight. Like a lot. I had that quarantine booty and you know some boobs and now I’m back to factory settings. Honestly for those who want to lose weight in the easiest and safe way, get rid of processed sugar. That stuff is toxic.

Moving on; I’m working on my skin. Ever heard of drink beauty? Well, that’s what I’m trying to do. It’s been 4 days now since I started my green smoothie routine every morning. Green smoothies give your body nutrients that it needs and it’s a great way to lose weight as well.

health smoothie ingredients

Here are the two types of smoothies I make;

For clear and acne free skin;

Avocado, Cucumber, Ginger, Lemon, Carrots, Spinach., Pineapples, and banana

Blend these with water; I use ice cubes. Just to have that cold feeling. I don’t use all the ingredients but I use at least 5 of them.  You chose which ones you want. The taste is good but you are a strong person, you can take it. Take it every day. I take mine every morning before I take anything.

For general body health; Ginger, Spinach/ kaleYoghurtBananaGarlic (this I learnt from my mom. She takes garlic a lot and it’s healthy).Carrots.

day 4

It’s almost the same ingredients just a slight variation. You won’t state the greens; their taste is lost in the fruits you add.  They don’t taste that good but it’s something you can take. For those who battle with depression and such; I would suggest you take these green smoothies. They are a great way to power up your body while taking care of your skin from the inside.

Cheers to healthy living. And to just ask; who is ready for gym?

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