This won`t be a very long article because its complaining time. We were walking home with my cousin and I see a guy on the side of the road with his hard-on penis out. For a second was like he is probably peeing. Being uncomfortable I started telling my cousin about it and I wanted to look at his face. This guy was staring at us. Like we locked eyes for a sec before we all looked away.

Some time back, I think months there was this same issue in Nairobi where men masturbate in public. It doesn’t sit right with me for so many reasons. I remember someone saying it’s a sexual condition; but hell no. It’s embarrassing and the woman around there whoever he was masturbating to; I hope it’s not me, immediately feels like a vagina on legs.

So much is wrong with the society

I’m sorry to whoever had to see that, its unsettling.

That’s the problem, we all sing equality and stuff but at the end of the day women are sexually objectified. In the media it’s a different story from the one on the ground, society doesn’t care. Ooh, he is masturbating, that’s crazy and everyone moves on.

There are kids around that I’ll see that. I don’t know about you bit I believes its everyone’s responsibility to protect the kid’s innocence. Like, come on people we can all do better. Three is so much wrong with how the boy child is taught on how to relate with women and vice versa but there are things we should just call out for the goodness of the society, kids and women.

Its fucked up to think several men passed by and did nothing. There were bike guys just ahead and they said nothing. Well, I went home so I don’t know how long that happened. I also feel stupid for not having the courage to call him out. I was scared and just wanted to leave. We were so grossed out.

Some will say; its supposed to be a good thing but I think as women we are over the fact of being judged on how desirable we are to men; do we turn them on? how fuckable are you? I’m so over this kind of judgement and I think others are too.

Why is it so hard to work towards building a society that is safe for everyone?

Why is it so hard to look at women as human being before judging them as sexual objects?

There is a lot that if so fucked up about the society that it drives me crazy sometimes. I hope we all work for a better society.  

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