Great news day! But before that; When I made the decision to let you guys into my world, I wasn’t so sure to what extent. I wrote I story about a tinder date that you all loved and had to delete because the other part wasn’t comfortable. Well, I respected that and took it down. Phew! I feel like I’ve lifted a burden on my shoulder by telling you that. I just didn’t know how to tell you especially because I promised part two. But, never mind we`ll get a juicer one.

Anyway, that was a learning curve for me in so many ways. One being what I tell you guys considering that I’ve even started a category of inside my life; that I hope you guys love. How I have to go about stories that involve others because ill not trying to be disrespectful to anyone.

One of the fruits is for those who have a small business and would like to get a website. Here is my affiliate link and you get a discount. (just click on the affiliate link part) I’m here is you need any advice or no sure; reach out on Instagram and Facebook. I’ll guide you through and these guys are the ones I bought my hosting from. Very supportive and have worked with several celebs as well.

On to the next gift;

I’ve been working on something for you guys. Just for you! My beloved people. An eBook that shades some light into who I am and some of the lessons that I’ve learned through blogging and in life. it’s a powerful ebook, that will empower you and urge you to start chasing your dreams and how to go about. It covers the aspects that I think are important and they are connected to each other.

I’m so excited about this it will be out soon and I won’t hesitate to let you guys know. Otherwise; I’ve learned a lot from you people as well and you’ll read about it in my eBook. I’m grateful for this journey and how you make it possible as well.  Well, I’ll work towards a book next time but I feel like this eBook is life-changing. It has things that I wish someone told me from the beginning. Things that I could have saved a lot of time if I dint have to learn them the hard way. Most importantly it teaches you independence and just growth that you very much need and will steer your life in a direction you never knew existed.

casually stretching my leg.

I’ve poured my heart and soul and also my brain into it. While telling a few jokes. You’ll tell me if I’m funny, ill count on it.  I believe in growth and determined to achieve that with you. grow together, get blisters on our souls and hearts, and nurture them together. I believe in being a team and I intend to work towards that. Above all I believe in you and that you’ll achieve your dreams and one day you’ll probably drop an email and invite me to that big thing that you are working towards.

My heart is glowing with happiness and pride for this. You guys are amazing and that’s why I wrote this e-book for you.

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