Problem-solving is a skill we all need to survive. If we don’t solve problems, we end up with piled problems and issues that hurt us or cost us in ways we never thought possible. Back in college I remember being taught how to think critically, it’s something we need in line with journalism as a profession. I have a friend who does its well, which we used to call her critical thinker. While critical thinking is vital in problem-solving; it’s how we approach the problem.

Problem-solving focus

When you encounter a problem, what you focus on largely affects your problem-solving skills. What you should focus on is the solution instead of blaming someone. Blame wastes your time and justifies why you shouldn’t solve the problem or give minimal effort while doing it.  Before, I used to look for someone to blame. Like everybody else, blaming someone takes the responsibility out of the equation. I was a little bit naïve then. Blaming someone means we get to do the bare minimum and if it doesn’t work, it’s not our problem anyway.

Every time you encounter a problem, focus on the solution, you’ll correct whoever did that some other time. Train your mind to do that eventually it comes effortlessly.

Emotional bank

We have friends and relationships we want to build. An emotional bank is how much trust you’ve built in someone to be able to count on later. It doesn’t have to be something to count on, just the trust to have a healthy relationship. It improves your credibility and we all need that in every way. When someone approaches you with a problem that they need help solving, see it as an opportunity to do some emotional bank investing. See it as a way to build your trust and relationship or friendship.

The truth is all relations need to be worked on and invested in. Problem-solving is one great way to do that. All the drinking and road trips don’t test the strength of friendships because it’s easy to do such things. But when you start making sacrifices then you are building a strong foundation for your relationship. These two ways, take away blame or any other way that will make you not give your best in problem-solving. These two approaches will give the best results and will help you grow in the process.

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