Relationships need investment in so many ways. Not just the usual but if anything needs work and you are working to make it grow its an investment. Most relationships fail because no one wants to look like they love the other more. The ego contest thing.

 I will call you a hundred times, call your family and call your friends that I don’t like btw just to make sure you are okay.

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We invest in loyalty. There are a lot of people out there who are better than you or your partner but the still chose you. That’s something you shouldn’t take for granted. That’s loyalty that you don’t find anywhere. Cherish that. Someone being loyal is a big deal and reward that. By first being loyal and if you can’t don’t waste other people’s time, bail. And showing your appreciation in installments and even strengthening the loyalty.   

Honesty as an investment

And I’m talking about blunt honesty. Honesty is rare, keep it when you find it. People lie even about the most irrelevant things and you are left wondering what the heck? Lies build up more lies. If someone is honest with you from day one, keep that person if the spark is there.


One of the biggest investments is by actions.  Without actions the relationship is just weak and dead I think. Because actions reinforce what you say. They prove that you can be reliable, that you are someone to be trusted. Let your actions reflect your words. Love is actions. Always remember that.


Helping your partner grow is one of the best gifts for your partner. Supporting them in their journey and dreams. Being proud of them and saying it out loud. When was the last time you said you are proud of your partner? Investing in their growth is just another way of building something stronger. Push them to do their best and be there when need be.

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