Mornings are crucial and should be powerful. How your day goes is pretty much determined by how you start your morning. How do you want your day to feel? How do you plan to treat others today?  What pace are you setting for your day? Can you do more? Be more?

Most people just roll over and the first thing they go for is their phone. Here are things you should avoid in the morning;

  • Smart phones;
  • Social media (what are you even doing on social media before setting the tone for your day?)
  • Negativity

You have to start your day from a place of power if you want it to go well. Here is how;

Powerful Prayer

Start your day with a prayer if that what paces your day. Watch or listen to videos that will empower you in a prayerful way. There is this Your tuber, the soulful sister. She posts powerful videos about God. You can also choose other videos and watch or even audios.


What better way to set a powerful tone for the day than meditating? Find courage and happiness from within. Find that power from within and set out for the day. Just 5 or more minutes. I usually meditate for 15 minutes every morning.


Stretch your body, do yoga. Work that body. It does magic to ones thinking and mood. It elevates your mood, and you get to have a clear mind all day.


Write down those goals. I`ve talked about goals and how powerful they can be to one’s future. Start every day with a goal in mind. The whole point for goals is to know where you are doing. To be intentional with what you do every day. To have a destination. Most people don’t and that’s where we go wrong. To be able to grow, you need goals. Clearly defined goals that you are working towards.


Change starts from the mind. You have been aware of what thoughts you have in the morning. Start with positive thoughts and attract that. Feed your mind positivity in every way. Always look for the positives. Now when it comes to what we feed our mind, be mindful of the books you read, the thoughts you have, your attitude, and conversations you have with people. Even the apps you use on your phone. Let everything contribute to positivity.

Now, this is to not say that maybe you won’t have bad days, especially for those with mental health issues, but it’s a guaranteed way of focusing the right way. Being able to have the right attitude all through the day, goes a long way. Mornings are powerful and should be started right.

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