Gratitude is life-changing. It shifts your mind to positivity and let’s go of the negativity. I recently posted on my social media handles how I always start my mornings. One being with smoothies and journaling. When it comes to journaling, I start with five things I`m grateful for, I call it the gratitude moment.

List the thing you are grateful for every morning, trains your mind to see what you have. Most people, live their lives chasing what they don’t have. Makes them sad or unsatisfied. They forget what they have. We have a lot and we should be grateful for that. Needs and wants will never end. They will always be there.

To be able to see past what we are chasing or what we should be chasing, we need to be grateful for whatever we have. At first, when I started the gratitude moment, I had very few things to be grateful for. Maybe two, like am grateful to be alive and healthy. I started questioning myself, I’m I really that unsatisfied?  What else do I have that I’m taking for granted? Ask yourself that and you`ll be surprised by the number of things we take for granted.  

We can do better and be better. It starts with gratitude.  I also promised on guiding you on how to journal. Journaling basically is working through your thoughts and figuring yourself out. Apart from being grateful, you need to be one with your thoughts. And journaling is a great way to do that.  

You get to figure out the kind of thoughts you are having and how they impact your growth and your day. The emotions going through you and what`s causing them. You basically work through stuff that’s going on in your life. And you get to work through the clutter, drop the dead weight, and see where you want to head to.  

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People think having a journal is being weak or sensitive. Others think it’s just having a book to nag about, but that’s not it. We are adults, we call people out, we don’t use our journals to call them out. That’s the difference right there, between choosing to be petty about a journal and actually embracing a journal like an adult and doing you.

We`ve talked about influence, if you are not having a journal because you are afraid other people will think you are soft or still a child, you need to work on yourself more. We are focusing on growth and what works for us. What works for you? Having a journal, which I highly recommend, then get it.  

Get yourself a cute book that will motivate you to write and everything you need on Jumia. ( I`ll get a commission if you use the link )  Write, because that’s the only way to be one with your thoughts without influence. Before anything, start with gratitude.   

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