Every time you happen to be going through something you have to see the bigger picture. If you don’t chances are you will be stuck with then victim mentality. Why you, and all the negatives you could possibly come up with. It can get tough but worse has happened to other people, toughen it up.

Most of the time when going through something life-changing we end up getting traumatized and stuck there. It happens all the time. This is to not invalidate your pain or struggles but to push you to see past that at all times. We can’t avoid tough times; the best we could do is know how to handle them.


Emotions run high and all that; don’t distract yourself feel all that and be able to move forward. Express your anger, disappointment, and much more. Hidden emotions or even pent up emotions always manifest themselves in uglier ways. Mostly they have adverse effects on one’s mental health. People have trust issues, why? Because someone did them badly and they never got over it; now they are just living with the victim mentality. Feel the emotions; even if it will hurt for days; get comfortable in that pain until it starts to go away.


What we all get wrong is defining things, expecting things, and forcing them to work that way. Life is full of surprises and a lot will go wrong. It’s for you to see the bigger picture. Don’t let life happen to you, let it happen for you. Take control of what you can and run with that. what lessons can you learn from such an occurrence? What will you do better next time? How will you take care of yourself during this time?

There is danger when all you see is the pain. All you remember is the pain. At some point and I’m saying at some point because it’s a process, you should be able to look back and be grateful for all the backstabbing, betrayal and much more that you went through. You should be able to have something positive that came out of all the struggle.   There is always a positive side to everything; find it.  


After processing the pain and finding out what lessons you can take away; it`s time to emerge on the other side. It`s time to reveal who you are after going through a life-changing thing. It all takes time; the question remains; who will you be on the other side.  Are you stronger or are you on survival mode?

This is determined by if you see the bigger picture or not.  Once you let yourself fall into the victim mode; it’s hard to get out and it becomes a habit.

Listen to people and you`ll notice how they are stuck into victim mentality. They operate on survival mode. They have pent up emotions and they let life happen to them. For example, we`ve have people who say they can’t work a certain way because that how they are. You ask deeper and they’ll give you a long story about how something that happened years ago shaped them and still does shape them. Horrible and unspeakable things happen but letting them control you is where we fail.

Emerging on the other side means there is work to be done by processing everything the better way.  There is no right or wrong way of processing things, it’s who you become at the end of it that matters.

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