You could choose to live a life of being proactive or being reactive. It’s a decision we make every day; every second. We live most of our lives being reactive and not proactive; you know why? Because being reactive is easy. Blame people; take no responsibility and have nothing to do with your future, you choose to let life happen to you and not for you. When life happens for you; you learn, gain experience and you become better. You take what life throws at you and you make something out of it. When life happens to you; you become comfortable with the victim mentality. You don’t see how you have a lot to do with anything; you are just a participant in life.

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Being proactive is a tough choice. You choose to see the bigger picture and be the bigger person most of the time. Being proactive is tough because you have to take the high road, take chances, and responsibility even when you want to blame people. It takes discipline to be proactive. Confidence and courage to wake up every morning and do something that will change your life for the better. To be of service to others; even when you could just lie back at home and blame politicians for being shitty at their jobs.

To take accountability for things that you have clear shots of blame at someone. But you chose proactivity to be part of the solutions and not the problem. To have something to do with the solutions and not just complain. To choose to see solutions and not who is causing the problems. To have a big heart enough to not judge and blame others but you choose to love and encourage. It takes courage to be proactive.

You’ll have horrible days where you just want out; to just stay home and do what the majority does; play victim and place blame. Feed your ego off sympathy and hope that you’ll get special treatment for being a victim. But that won’t happen because it’s worse. Proactivity breathes life into you.

Life is tough; a lot happens but so what? Everyone is traumatized, depressed but we keep going. Not to invalidate anyone’s pain or trauma but in one way or the other, you get to decide who you will be after that. Be bitter, let trauma define and control every single thing you do, or just pick yourself up and keep going. Curious to know who you will be on the other side when trauma doesn’t define you. When nothing happened in the past can define you but yourself.

You have the power to choose every day; to be proactive; difficult but worth it or be reactive? Which one do you choose?

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