It’s all about the mindset. One time I read somewhere that, 3 out of 4 patients in hospital beds have emotionally induced diseases. I had a what moment for a second until the author explained. It all lies in our mindset. Your mind doesn’t know what`s right or wrong and so whatever you tell it, it does exactly that, like literally. If you say, you really sick, your mind will do its very best to convince you that. I’m sure you’ve heard people say your mind is playing tricks on you.  I`m one of these people who are obsessed with taking control of my mind. I don’t want my mind to operate on autopilot mode, which happens to most people.

We do things and we are not even present. So, two of the most powerful tricks that I’ve learned for the past few months of trying to have some control over my mind is the power of being present and programming my mindset right before I sleep.  

Take control of your mind


Picture yourself doing dishes, do you remember how it feels? Most of the time we do things while distracted. It makes them easier we say. We cook while listening to music. We are just cooking; our minds are on autopilot mode. Every part of your body knows what to do while cooking, that’s what I mean by autopilot. Basically, you are not present. We focus on end results instead of the process. This doesn’t make the moments enjoyable but rather we dread them, why? Because you are not so involved in the process hence not present.

Do this; be present. Focus on the process without distractions and if your mind gets distracted bring it back to the process. If you are showering focus and be present. Feel how the soap feels on your skin, how it smells and much more.  Do this with everything you do and enjoy the process. When the process is right, the results will take care of themselves. That’s the trick to being present.


We do things, and our minds are somewhere else. Like the popular thing people say, people think of sex until it’s time to have sex and they think of other things. Your mind and body need to be one for you to even do anything right to even be present for that matter.

Do this; preferably before you sleep

Take time off and be alone in a quiet place. Now feel how your head feels and every part of your body. Be aware of your breath for a while. Forget the outside world and focus on your body and everything going on in it. Calm your thoughts and picture how your tomorrow will go. I mean really see it and feel how it will feel. Plan at least three things you`ll do first thing in the morning. Helps you start your day with some structure. Because how you start your day matters a lot.

 Your day starts before you sleep. Chances are whatever feelings you went with to bed; you’ll wake up feeling the same. Before you sleep program your subconscious to think of something positive.  You do that by focusing on positive things and being aware of your thoughts before you sleep. Let go of the negatives and focus on your strengths.

Your mind is your biggest resource. It can make your life easier or harder, be more positive or negative. Every day you make a choice on what side to be on and how to use your mind. The goal is to be happy and grow, only your mind can help you do that. 

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