Doing things with intention is being aware of why you are doing them and how you are doing them. Let’s say you wanted to be friends with someone and build your friendship, calling them will be with the intention of showing you care. Hanging out with them will be with the intention to get to know them better and create memories. I’m one of those people who if I`m building some kind of friendships or whatever, I do it with intention. I’m willing to make those little sacrifices to grow whatever we are building.

Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

The one mistake we make is just live and hope things build themselves. Hope our bodies get healthier without taking care of the bodies with intention. Be intentional with what you eat, and how you treat yourself and others. Ask yourself, what end results are you working towards? Then, now do things with intention that will get you there. I’ve made the mistake of taking things for granted in the past and giving the excuse of if it didn’t happen, then it wants meant to. Someone slap me, it didn’t happen because I put no intentional effort towards it. Maybe I wanted a great body but ate whatever I wanted, jokes on me, and those who can relate to this.


When you do things with intention, you are working towards something and that gives you peace. You can easily say you did everything you could but it’s not working, which rarely happens. The idea that things will handle themselves is just unrealistic, you need to put the effort in. And that simply directs you to what you are supposed to do. Now you know you have the responsibility to invest in friendships and relationships, your health, and everything else that you want. Intention brings focus and hapiness.

Every step you take or move you make now has a purpose because there is an intention behind it. We need that. we need to be aware of why we are doing things. Even when helping someone, are you doing it expecting something or just plant the seed of compassion in the world? You need to be aware of your intention. The moment you are, you won’t keep second-guessing yourself and hoping things will turn out okay.

Whatever you do, do it wholeheartedly. Brush your teeth with the intention to have your mouth clean and have that fresh breath, not just a routine. Be present while doing it, the experience is beyond words.

Exercise; from today before you do something ask yourself what is the intention behind it. Hanging out with someone, why? Are the people you are investing in, do you see them in your future? Put some intention in your actions and stop watering dead plants.   

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