We agreed 2021 is the year we are getting personal finance in check. I`m still on that goal. Finances can be tricky, we all want to get want we want anytime we want and that’s the issue. We give in to impulse spending even when we know it will mess up the budget. What are some of the basic financial steps one can take;

Mindful spending

This year I’m big on mindful spending. Making decisions about money based on my needs not just wants. Track every cent I use and figure out where I shouldn’t be spending my money. Mindful spending means being intentional with your money. Every cent has to be accounted for.

Side hustles

Get as many as possible. Online side hustles or even real life. Plan your time well, learn a skill and get those side hustle jobs. When it comes to online side hustles you have to learn a skill and sell it online. apart from surveys every other side hustle needs a skill. You can learn on YouTube for free or even websites. There are websites that offer basic training then pay for more advanced ones but first master the basic ones. Click here for a list of side hustles.

Learn about finances

Read books about finances. Personal finance and even investments. You can never stop learning and learning through mistakes is stupid sometimes. So get a book and learn or even visit your bank and ask questions. Learn about credit cards, savings and different loans they are offering. Just keep learning when you get the money from the side hustles you`ll know what to do.


Don not save what`s left after spending, spend what`s left after saving.

If you save 100 every day from January first, by the end of the year you`ll have 36500 to take a trip to Diana for Christmas. It’s really that simple. Savings needs discipline. I struggle with the discipline part but this year not anymore. They say save in a bank that you can’t access online or tell yourself you can’t access it online. make no effort to access it online either. I intend to do that, and I will also do an article on credit cards soon.

Get rich Quick mentality

I want to get rid of that. Honestly, it’s one of the most unrealistic mentalities of all time. Miracles happen but what are the chances. I want to always go broke after putting my money into something that will pay off eventually and the long term. Wanting to get rich easily is what keeps people going back to betting and gambling. Train your mind to focus on long terms things and investments and put your energy there. It pays off.

Last but not least, dedicate 6 months to working to your goals ad getting your finances in check. Pay your debts and focus on other things. Focus on getting that side hustle. Focus on investing on yourself, I know I’m doing that. let’s do it together!

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