When it comes to side hustles, most of us don’t know what to do. Reasons being, time and money or capital. Money isn’t even such a big deal because, you can sell a service, doesn’t necessarily have to be a tangible product. We want a side hustle that brings in money while putting in the least effort. It doesn’t work that way. You have to work for it or even research for it.

To have successful side hustling, you need to be good with time management and discipline. Only those two can save you. With discipline, even when it hasn’t picked up, you’ll keep doing it. With good tie management, it doesn’t interfere with your studies or an actual job. So what are some of the side hustles, one can do?

Selling a service

Selling a service is the easiest, no capital just knowledge. Services include writing, social media marketing, social media management, participating in surveys, DIYS, YouTube content. And a lot more, only if you start learning about them or even putting in the time.

The reason, why most people don’t succeed in the service side hustle, is they are not willing to gather the knowledge they need to do what they need to do. Why? That’s the society we are in. We are constantly told we should do what we are passionate about and so for some reason when hardships hit or even when we are required to make sacrifices we bail. Are you that person? Quick tip, successfulpeople do a lot that they don’t like to do, that’s why they succeed,

.Knowledge is everywhere, you have no excuse as to why you can’t study academic writing, or survey, or digital marketing. YouTube is free, and a lot of other websites online. Start researching and learning.

Thrift stores

These are growing in number; I want to start one myself. Buy second-hand clothes, you know what we call them cameras. Then resell, works mostly for students or even workmates. Open an Instagram account and sell online as well. You have to invest in marketing as well. and be legit, don’t scam people. You have Xtian Dela or even Edgar Obare to advertise for you.  Sell quality and make use of the word of mouth. I’m that customer who doesn’t shut up when I get a product or service. Word of mouth can only work if your products and services are good.

Affiliate marketing

I’ll tell you right now, it’s not a get rich quick scheme. In affiliate marketing, companies pay you a commission for referring a client to them. Since it’s not a quick get rich scheme, this is where you develop patience. But over time you’ll make money. Find a product you use a lot or even a website, apply for their affiliate program. This is why, it’s so important to handle your social media with some maturity, so you can have a bit of credibility. So that when the time comes to recommend a product, people actually consider buying or take you seriously.

Choose a niche that you know people need help with. Could be perfumes or whatever then apply for that affiliate account and start selling. No capital on your side just social media account.


For those in writing or even in universities, a long term side hustle is blogging. Its passive income when it picks up and good for the long run. There is definitely something you probably want to talk about, blog it. Get a website, kenyawebsiteexperts.com are good, (affiliate link), and start blogging about it. This goes even for those who are camera shy like me, blogging is the way to go. You could talk about something you are passionate about, it could even be eating and people will read.  Good thing you`ll make money in the process.

Car hiring services

For those with cars, you can do uber or lyft. Or even rent your car to friends. This one pays well. depending on the type of car, it could go as low as 2500 per day. That’s good money.

Waiter / waitress

Get that money  at night  when covid is done. See how hopeful I am.


You can do favors for people or even run errands and ask them to pay you. Next time, when someone wants you to run errands for them, ask them how much they are paying and then offer to always run errands for them. Except your parents, unless you are suicidal. Anyway, if you are good at cycling, run errands for people. Those employed friends that are busy, run errands for them, do their shopping and be honest.

Side hustling depends largely on honest and good rapport. If you mess with those, you are done, no one has time to worry about you when there is someone else who can do the same with honesty. Every time you deal with a client be honest and genuine. Slowly build your cv and let the rest take care of itself. Patience is key, and don’t quit your job before you know for sure that sidle hustle can support you for 6 months straight.

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