As they say, with one stream of income you are just one step away from poverty. The goal is to have multiple streams of income to help you save and invest. Let’s be realistic, we are rarely paid enough to invest. And thinking you’ll save just enough to invest is another joke. Basically, you need that job and a side hustle. One pays the bills and the other for investment.

Develop skills

There is always a market for your skills out there. Someone needs them you just have to find them. Learn a new skill and sell it online. With the current technology, there is no excuse as to why you are not selling a skill or something online. There are a lot of platforms with free knowledge. You can use YouTube and a lot of other sites. There are many online side hustles you can do, click here.

Be consistent

You won’t get customers over night, but when consistent, the right customers will come along. There is no shortcut to this, you have to be consistent and patient. Every time I failed at something was because I was not consistent enough. Consistency determines, whether you make it or not.


A secret I use these days is I charge for my time. Not the service or whatever but my time. How much time will it take you to complete that task? It’s very satisfying to charge for your time. Often times, we are stuck with wondering if it’s worth that money but hey, it’s the time and quality not the service.  Learn how to price your time, depending on what side hustles you are running.

Be professional

This is kind of tough. There is friends and family and for some reason you think charging less will keep them coming back. That’s isn’t true and that will soon drain you. treat everyone professionally. Run the offers equally to everyone, don’t start using your feelings to charge people. It’s a business, treat it like one.

Ask for help

Sometimes we forget that we need help. There is nothing like making it on your own. We need help, ask for it. Find people who you think their help will propel you forward in whatever side hustles you are in.


If you can’t afford Facebook ads or influencers, your social media is good, use that. offer quality and deliver the same word of mouth is the most powerful marketing you can get. Use that to your advantage. Always deliver more and keep them coming back.


All through set goals, you want to accomplish. Once you start earning, there are chances you might lose sight of what you want. Always be aware of your goals and how close you are to reaching them.  

You can make or break your future in 6 months. The life you are living now is because of decisions you made years ago. Time to change the course, don’t you think?

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