A tough topic everyone, but hey needs to be tackled. This month being the month of financial education, in the six month`s challenge, we have to nail some basics on finances. So last, articles were about how to handle side hustles. Then I realized, one needs to educate themselves about money first. When I say that I mean this;

Your money mentality

What do you think of money? How do you relate with money? So I came across this on Instagram by Susan Wanjiku; and thought I would share;

  1. Money avoidance- money avoiders don’t know how much money they have, how much they owe, or how much they spend. They avoid thinking about or investing any money because it seems like too much trouble to attend to such trouble.
  2. Money vigilance – Those who are vigilant believe that being frugal and saving is important. They maybe secretive about their finances and uncomfortable discussing money with others.
  3. Money worship- money worshippers believe that more money will solve their problems and they can never have and can have enough money. They are more likely to overspend on themselves or others and carry credit or debt.
  4. Money status- people who hold this belief see money as a means of achieving higher status. They believe self-worth is equal to net worth and may be driven to earn more money than their peers. They may also take risks to make money more quickly and buy expensive things.

So which one are you? Mindset is everything.


These days you don’t always have to carry a book around but reading is always a good thing. If your feed doesn’t educate you on a daily basis, then why are you on social media. Another way to master your financial life is to read books and follow people who talk about money. Learning is a process and so everyday add something new to your financial literacy and eventually you`ll master it. Books vie read and would recommend;

Rich dad poor dad – Robert T. Kiyosaki

Smart money woman- Arese Ugwu

I will teach you to be rich- Ramit Seth

They offer great financial advice; I’ve found very useful over time.

Bank accounts

Take a second and think about how much you know about bank accounts? How many bank accounts you have and what are they for? over time as you continue to build your financial base, you realize one account isn’t enough. You need like 3 or 4.

Savings account- money saved for the long term

Current account- money you use for expenses.

Investment account- every percentage of your salary that you want to invest goes here before investing.

Those are just the names I use to name my bank accounts, lol. Anyway, its way easier to handle money from different account because then you know where the money needs to go and if you’ve borrowed from one account to another.

Three basics but vital for your financial life. Every day make a choice to be better. To take action and feed on what helps you grow. That’s the only way to get better at anything. Consistency.

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